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Also, when you catch them reaching for something too high for them, it's always fun to sneak up behind them and stretch over them.When in a crowd, they tend to cling to you because being surrounded by taller people can be freightening, and if you're really tall, you can see over everyone to find her.Straight-up standing kissing can be awkward, but since they're small, you can easily pick them up.Also, when hugging, their ears tend to press into your chest and you can rest your chin on top of their head or kiss the top of their head with ease. Hugs and snuggles make you feel safe when we’ve got long arms that can wrap around you13.

If a woman's #1 thing that she prefers is a very tall man, then you may be SOL if you aren't tall.

I suspect that for most women, height becomes less important if you have other good qualities to bring to the table.

She will forget about height if you are good looking, or make good money, or are very interesting or funny. Her brothers are both tall and thin and everyone she dated before me looked like that.

As a 6′ 9″ tall man, I personally am dating a 5′ 0″ woman.

Short women's height makes them adorable, no matter what, while also making features that may look disproportionate on taller women look totally fine.

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