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AMOL is an initiative of the Cultural Ministers Council and its Heritage Collections Council. - [Synopsis from publisher's Web site.] Extracting value from automated classification tools : the role of manual involvement and controlled vocabularies / by Kat Hagedorn, Argus Associates.

CASL, AMOL and the National Library are now sponsoring the ongoing management and development of the APT." - [Extracted from Web pages]Although constructed for the indexing of pictorial material, this is a well-structured general thesaurus of 15,000 terms arranged hierarchically which may be of use for any collection of objects and images. - Ann Arbor, Michigan : Argus Associates, March 2001.

- Milton Keynes : British Standards Institution, 1988. - [Author's abstract] Collection thesaurus - alphabetical and hierarchical / Powerhouse Museum ; edited by Judith Coombes. - AU.50 inc GST Study of three packages (INDEX, PROTERM and TMS) for development, construction and management of thesauri ...

Build yourself a thesaurus : a step by step guide / Elizabeth Orna. The inescapable conclusion is that we are amidst a major revolution in the role and capabilities of health terminologies, entering an age of large-scale systems for health concept representation with international implications. - ISBN 1 86317 060 X (set) 1 86317 057 X (Vol.1); 1 86317 058 8 (Vol.2) : paperback.

- Atti del XVI Congresso Nazionale di Storia della Fisica e dell'Astronomia, Centro Volta, Villa Olmo, Como, 24 - 25 Maggio 1996 / a cura di Pasquale Tucci Classification of a subject field / Jack Mills. Clinical classification and terminology : some history and current observations / Christopher G. - Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 2000, vol.7, p.298-303. The evolution of health terminology has undergone glacial transition over time, although this pace has quickened recently.

After a brief introduction to automated classification, this white paper discusses the benefits and limitations of manual, automated, and hybrid approaches.

The continued existence of the library as a highly organized information store is assumed.

Classification criteria for historical astronomical instrumentation / F. The major highlights of this history are reviewed, together with important intellectuaadvances in health terminology development.

- In: Proceedings of the International Study Conference on Classification for Information Retrieval, Dorking, England, 13th-17th May 1957. After a long history of near neglect, unimaginative structure, and factious development, health terminologies are in an era of unprecedented importance, sophistication, and collaboration.

A revised international standard, ISO 25964, based on this British Standard, is in preparation and is expected to be published in late 2010 or 2011. Sherwood acknowledges that "each of these communities is bound by its own traditions and classification schema." She asserts that effective access is dependent on increased collaboration among the many disciplines, and recommends looking closely at the role of authorities, thesauri and a process for mapping taxonomies across domains.

- (BS5787) (ISO2788-1986) and British standard guide to establishment and development of multilingual thesauri / British Standards Institution. As some of these formats are still under discussion and development, this part of the standard has been issued as a "Draft for development", numbered DD872-5, rather than as a British Standard. Design/selection criteria for software used to handle controlled vocabularies. The exhibit represents one small example of a current challenge in the digital environment: how to enable users to find related across domains.

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The natural product of such division is a faceted classification.

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