Tough dating questions

But if you're looking for a life partner relationship, don't let chemistry be your guiding star. Practicing as a psychologist for over 22 years, Dr.

Instead, channel the chemistry you experience into asking the "tough" questions, to learn if your dating partner shares your values, priorities and life goals. Janice has treated many singles looking to get married, but who had become depressed and demoralized by the dating process.

Mike and I reviewed his dates with Paula, and together we determined that while he had wanted to get to know Paula better, he feared losing the excitement of their initial positive chemistry.

Yet many singles believe that if they have chemistry with their dating partner, then everything else is either not necessary to talk about or "will just fall into place." Here's an example -- Mike, age 26, met Paula, age 30, on an online dating website.

Asking questions of your dating partner and of course, listening to the answers, are critical to creating a life partner relationship.

That's because determining if someone is right for you is dependent on gathering the right information.

Dana and Ian felt strong chemistry when they were together, and when Dana's lease on her apartment was up 8 months into the relationship, they decided to get engaged and move in together.

Dana noticed how she and Ian got along well on a day-to-day basis, but argued about what Dana called "the big issues." Ian frequently begged off socializing with Dana's friends and colleagues, which was important to Dana since a big part of her job required entertaining clients.

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Mike was smitten with Paula, a petite, slim, friendly blond, and Paula was impressed with Mike's maturity and "decency." Paula was pretty sure after their second date that she didn't want to go out with Mike again, telling him she felt a lack in their connection.

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