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As a result, selective incapacitation has been employed in an attempt to lock up fewer offenders, namely those who have committed more crimes in general and more violent crimes, for longer periods of time.This alleviates prison overcrowding and excess spending on incarceration.As a result, fear of crime within a community may be reduced.However, while the offenders are incarcerated, the community is also deprived of the potential positive contributions the offender may have made; i.e.being a positive role model for his children or helping to provide financially for his family.(It is not uncommon for offenders to conceal their criminal activities from their children to give the appearance of being a good role model.) In this lesson, we defined the term incapacitation as it relates to our criminal justice system.The notion of removing an offender from society in order to prevent him from doing future harm is not new.

Specifically, in Saudi Arabia and other countries governed by Sharia or Islamic law, theft is considered a grave criminal offense and is punished with the public removal of an offender's dominant hand at the wrist, (most often the right hand since most people are right handed).Many of these challenges can be attributed to the experience of being in prison and the resulting stigmatization.At the community/society level, there is some degree of crime reduction while the offender is incarcerated.In some countries, acts of adultery by a woman may be punished by stoning the person to death.In cases of accused treason, the offender may be punished by public beheading.

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