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UNION ALL doesn’t do any of that sorting and filtering so it will have significant performance improvements over just using UNION. Does anyone want to place bets about whether Sqlite will support the better insert statement before Oracle does?

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This builds on a previous post where I show how to build a simple table with an auto incrementing primary key in each of several SQL dialects. I just can’t bring myself to offer more points than that in this case.

This works in all the engines I evaluated (My SQL, Sqlite, Postgre SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and, with minor tweaking it works in Oracle) But it works great, and has two of the three benefits from inserting multiple rows at once. Oracle gets only 3 points because they still require that stupid The better way is easy to read, easy to write, easy to maintain, easy to add more rows to the existing query with minial typing. INSERT ALL still has the flexibility of allowing (our should I say requiring) a field signature to be provided for each row, this added flexibility probably equates to extra processing time before the insertions take place, but I can’t look under the hood to see for myself so don’t quote me.

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This is an example of Oracle taking a cool statement for inserting into multiple tables at the same time, and using it to satisfy the multiple rows in the same table too.

I agree it should work (it makes sense that you might want to insert several lines in a child table as you insert one line in a parent table), but I don’t think that that is a good excuse for not supporting the In fact, I think it is a real cop out.

I was using them in My SQL and Postgre SQL, and they worked perfectly just as described above, so I sort of assumed it was a SQL standard.

Then I tried using it on an Oracle database (11g) and it failed, which is odd because Oracle prides itself in being the first database to implement all the new SQL standards as soon as possible. But, I decided it was worth knowing how to insert multiple rows in a single statement using each of the SQL dialects that I usually work with.

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