Updating field from one table to another sql web definitions for dating

Even if the database recovery model is set to SIMPLE or you do frequent transaction log backups the transaction log will continue to grow until the entire operation is complete.

This may seem to be the way to go, but it has the same drawbacks of a cursor in regards to blocking and transaction log grow.

The other issue is that this will be done in one giant operation and will cause the transaction log to get very large.

In this tip, we will look at different options for doing this and my final solution that I used.Setting the ROWCOUNT property to a value other than 0 will cause the query to stop executing when the rows affected reach its value.I must warn you that in a future release of SQL Server this property will not affect the delete statement.I have a large table with millions of historical records.I was asked to remove millions of old records from this table, but this table is accessed by our system 24x7, so there isn't a good time to do massive deletes without impacting the system.

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