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For example, consider a machine that has the following components installed: (your machine may have more components installed) IBM Tivoli Access Manager Runtime (PDRTE) IBM Tivoli Access Manager Web Security Runtime (PDWeb RTE) IBM Tivoli Access Manager Web SEAL (PDWeb) IBM Tivoli Security Utilities (Tiv Sec Utl) To patch this machine, you must install: * The PDRTE and Tiv Sec Utl components from Patch 6.1.1-TIV-TAM-FP0005 * The PDWeb RTE and PDWeb components from Patch 6.1.1-TIV-AWS-FP0005 In the end, a particular machine in a Tivoli Access Manager environment must have all components at the same patch level. README for information about how to install the relevant components of that patch.

NOTE2: In a Tivoli Access Manager environment, install patches in the following order: a) Policy Server machine, install patches for all components as described in NOTE1 above.

Patch installation for PDRTE component should not over-write the existing pd_start script but still it is highly recommended to backup pd_start script in UNIX systems, specially if any customizations are made on this script.

Once the Policy Server is patched, upgrade all other machines in the Tivoli Access Manager environment to the same patch level as soon as possible.

1.5 Important Notice Denial of Service security exposure with Java Runtime Environment (JRE) / Java Development Kit (JDK) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Security Alert addresses security issue CVE-2010-4476: JRE hangs when converting "2.2250738585072012e-308" to a binary floating-point number. Before updating Tivoli Access Manager Base with this Fix Pack, update the JRE/JDK to mitigate CVE-2010-4476.

APAR IV00388 Symptom: Users with the '=' character in their password fail to authenticate.

APAR IV03521 Symptom: WPM configure problems when WAS customers change their default scripting from jacl to jython.

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