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On occasion you will need to edit the hosts file on your machine. hosts files would be massive documents used to aide the network name resolution.

Sometimes because of an attack or prank, and others so that you can simply and freely control access to websites and network traffic. Microsoft kept the hosts file alive in Windows networking which is why it varies very little whether used in Windows, mac OS, or Linux.

Each field is separated by white space (blanks or tabulation characters).

For example, if you wanted to use the HOSTS file to translate a host name of a computer called “printserver” into the IP address of, you would add this line: If you ping either “printserver” or “scanserver”, you’d get to the same IP address: The HOSTS file can also translate Fully Qualified Domain Names (or FQDNs) of computers, such as ones used on the Internet.

So does Windows, and unless you use elevated permissions to edit the file, you will be prevented from saving it.

To edit the HOSTS file we need to use a method that allows us to save the file to it’s original location, which is: 1.

It took me a little while and a little research but I figured out how to edit the hosts file in Vista.

Also known as “host names” to numerical IP addresses, the hosts file is similar to using a phone book to find the matching phone number of a specific person’s name.

The HOSTS file is a text file, one that does not have a file extension. The changed HOSTS file will replace successfully the original, and now, if you ping “kuku” you will get the corresponding IP address.

It contains lines of text that are made of IP addresses followed by one or more host names or fully qualified domain names (FQDNs).

Just search for Notepad, then right-click on Notepad in the search results list, and choose to run it as administrator.

If you’re using Windows 10 this will be on the Start Menu.

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