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The system includes a SQM200W system with motor driven and software controlled rotary scanning table and a linear slide.This system is a powerful tool for studying and monitoring surface chemistry variations.Through extensive academic research and close collaboration with industry, has developed & refined several methods such as Dynamic Substructuring that are employed in our software.We have a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs as well as the processes they use in their product development.In addition to MASTA, SMT also offer DRIVA and MEASA.

This helps them solve vibration-related issues in an early stage of product development.

Please contact us with your application requirements.

Photo Emission also manufactures custom system and sensor configurations for special applications.

At the core of our CAE solutions is the MASTA suite, our fully integrated software tool for the complete design, analysis and optimization of transmission systems.

Engineers can use MASTA to rapidly predict key transmission performance characteristics and to identify any design faults or weaknesses before any manufacturing is started, saving both time and money.

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These transient analyses can be performed on automotive transmissions, engines and wind turbines.

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