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Initially Joe scoffed at this idea, out of distrust for his role in the particle accelerator accident, but Wells managed to convince him that he had the resources to save him whereas no doctor anywhere else did.

Despite knowing that Wells was indeed Barry's best chance, Joe didn't trust Wells and knew something wasn't right about him, yet allowed Wells to take Barry out of desperation to see Barry better.

Suspicious that he could've survived, the two went to Mardon's old farmhouse, where they found him.

However, before they could arrest him, he knocked them away with the wind and began to create a tornado around himself, proceeding to move it outside.

Eddie attempted to nudge pool toys from a car at them, though it was seemingly unsuccessful.

By the time that they arrived there, both the strongman and the Flash involved in the altercation had left.

When Barry arrived back at the crime scene, Joe suggested he take finger prints of one of the men.

He had Barry promise not tell Iris about any of his powers.

Later, he and Detective Thawne received a call that there was a situation at the Central City National Bank.

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