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This relationship lived for little more than a year.

Ending the relationship in September 2006, James was officially back on the market. In April 2008, James became romantically attached with his gorgeous One Tree Hill co-star, Sophia Bush.

B: So another one of your projects is Underground where you play Kyle. I haven’t really played, I guess what you consider to be a villain or at least an anti-villain since the early days of One Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill star James Lafferty is quite a good looking man.It was a pretty quick turnaround; I was on the plane within a couple days of actually getting the role.You saw in the film, I’m in almost every scene so it was a bit overwhelming to cram all the character preparation into a few days but I was sort of able to space it out.B: Could there be a One Tree Hill TV reunion one day?JL: [Laughs] You know we get asked that question a lot lately.

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But James and Shantel never advertised the relationship much as they preferred it to keep far from the eyes of the media.

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