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Dick Wolf -- At age 72, he’s nearly as old as Chase. Wolf, who recently vowed to never retire, wrote several scripts for Hill Street Blues and Miami Vice before eventually striking it rich in 1990 by creating the original Law & Order brand for NBC.

Two successful spinoffs ensued -- Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Law & Order: SVU (still on the air).

As currently envisioned, it will be a feature film, not a TV series.

But as the Law & Order brand petered out -- and seemingly Wolf’s career along with it -- he reinvented himself with more drama series in the same branding mode. and Med are all still standing, and this fall will comprise NBC’s entire Wednesday night schedule.

On the other hand, producers/creators Dick Wolf, Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy are constantly turning out new product.

Their creations aren’t in league with the aforementioned all-time great series.

HBO originally announced the series way back in March 2009.

But Chase wasn’t able to pull the trigger for whatever reasons. Chase, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and Breaking Bad maestro Vince Gilligan have yet to follow up these classic series with both new, original ideas for the small screen.

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