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So for the next few months, we've got this long-term storyline based around Libby wanting to have a baby with Dan which we all know is incredibly risky because she could die if she has another baby." Libby and Dan later marry.During an interview, Susan Bower said that there is nothing interesting in watching an on-screen marriage that is working and she highlighted her plans for the couple; "It's a very, very slow, long burn and there's some wonderful humour and the fact there's the Brady Bunch a bit.Today, the duo are releasing a slew of new photos that they shot together, presumably during the time that Terry directed her music video, !In the first set of shots released today, Miley left nothing to the imagination when it came to her bottom; now, it's her top that's seeing a lack of privacy!She made her first on-screen appearance on 3 October 1994 and departed on 5 November 2004, returning briefly for a single episode on 27 July 2005, before returning on 12 November 2007.Libby is the only daughter of Karl and Susan Kennedy and the mother to a son, Ben Kirk.

When she was asked to choose between Dan and Drew, Valentine chose Dan and she explained "I do honestly think that Dan is more her match.

Of her comeback Valentine said "I really felt like I was coming home and it was very easy to slip back into the role of Libby, she's like an old friend.

Plus she was older and the writers were able to do a lot more with her so it was a great time to return." However, as the character was involved in too many storylines, executive producer, Susan Bower, realised that she could not be suddenly written out of the show and she took the decision to temporarily recast the role of Libby.

He just keeps posting them, we keep waiting to see how much farther they will push the envelope!

Miley Cyrus and Terry Richardson are starting to become quite the controversial team.

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[...] I just think Dan and Libby are very similar like with their careers – they've got a lot more in common, they're both teachers and they're both very articulate and educated.

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